This week in band!

A huge congratulations goes out to both the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble for their EXCELLENT performances at the CPA Festival at MTSU this past week.  A special shout out to those parents that were able to make it out to MTSU to support our awesome students.

It's another busy week for us!  Check it out!

Monday - 2:30-4pm - Marching Band Percussion Rehearsal in preparation for the MS Tour

Monday - All Day! - Angelo's Pizza Fundraiser!  Eat at Angelo's and a portion of the sales will go to the band!  EASY way for us to make money!

Tuesday - All Day! - Marching Band Tour performances at Margaret Allen, Apollo, and JFK Middle   Schools (Itinerary Attached)

Thursday - 7pm - 2016 Marching Band Show and Uniform Reveal!!!!  Don't miss this!!!!!!

Saturday - Winter Guard SCGC Championships at Belmont University.  Schedule coming soon!

Spring break is right around the corner, but not before yet another busy week for the band!

CPA Festival Performance

Hello, AHS Band Families!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Both the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will perform at concert festival tomorrow at MTSU. Symphonic Band performs at 2:40pm and Wind Ensemble performs at 4:30pm.  

Both of these groups have been working EXTREMELY hard both during and after school hours to prepare this music for a panel of judges.  Please make an effort to come support their efforts.  Judges on the panel notice when a school has a great audience and almost always make comments regarding that!  


An itinerary for the day is available HERE.

See you tomorrow!

This week in band!

This is a HUGE week for the band!  Here's what's coming up this week:

Tuesday:  Symphonic Band Rehearsal 2:30-4:30pm
Wednesday:  Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 2:30-4:30pm
Thursday:  BOTH bands perform at Concert Festival at MTSU.
                Symphonic Band performs at 2:40pm
                Wind Ensemble performs at 4:30pm
                 Make plans to attend!

Thursday is our biggest performance of the concert band season.  We are rated and judged much like in marching band.  Don't miss out on this FREE performance.

A preview of NEXT week:
Tuesday, March 15th - Marching Band Middle School Tour
Thursday, March 17th - 7pm - Marching Band Show / New Uniform Reveal!!!!!!  BE THERE!!

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!  Come join us! 

This week in band!

Good Evening, AHS Band Families!

Welcome to our next installment of "This week in band!"

This past week, the Wind Ensemble represented our band program very well at both the Belmont Invitational, and the MNPS Pre-CPA festival at Hillwood.  If I'm being candid, I must say that the audience that was there to support these students was incredibly small.  I'm unbelievably grateful to the few parents and couple of students that showed up to support our students, but 5 supporters in the audience of our band of 55 was a total let down.  These kids are working so unbelievably hard.  Please make every attempt to come and support them.  We can't have a successful band program without parent and community support.

The only after school activity happening this week for band is a Wind Ensemble rehearsal that is scheduled for Thursday, March 3 from 2:30-4:30pm.

Other upcoming dates:
Tuesday, March 8, 2:30-4:30pm - Wind Ensemble Rehearsal
Wednesday, March 9, 2:30-4:30pm - Symphonic Band Rehearsal
Thursday, March 10, Noon-7pm - ALL band students at CPA Festival at MTSU
                                                     Itinerary coming tomorrow!!
Tuesday, March 14, all day - Marching Band Middle School Tour

Coming soon!
Revealing the marching band show!
Revealing the new marching band uniforms!

Boys Concert Attire

For those male band students looking for an AMAZING deal on a concert Tuxedo, one of our awesome families is willing to help us out!

Mr. Ali, father of Fares, is willing to give our students an incredible deal at his shop, "Italian Collection".  He is offering a full tuxedo (jacket, pants, tux shirt, and bow tie) for only $120.  Those of you familiar with formal wear know that you can barely RENT a tuxedo for that price!  Truly a steal!

His shop is called "Italian Collection" and is located at 5314 Mt. View Rd (Across from T-Mobile in the plaza across from Kroger in Antioch).  Simply go in and tell him you're with the Antioch Band.

ALL male Wind Ensemble members are required to have a tuxedo.  It would be wise for all male band members to purchase a tuxedo with the expectation of playing in the Wind Ensemble within the next couple of years.

This Week in Band!

Welcome to our first installment of "This Week In Band"!!!!  Oh my gosh, this is SO EXCITING!  Hopefully this new tradition of informing you of the weekly "haps" continues past this one week.

Here's what's happening this week in band!

The Wind Ensemble travels to Belmont University tomorrow (Monday) for the Belmont Wind Ensemble Invitational.  The kids will spend most of the morning in clinics with world renowned conductors and will give a brief performance for the other participating bands at 11am.  You're more than welcome to attend!  The kids will leave school at 7:15am and will return at 2:15pm.  Lunch is provided.

On Tuesday, the Wind Ensemble travels to Hillwood High School for the MNPS Pre-CPA Performance.  This performance is intended to give our students a performance opportunity for the music they will play for concert festival in March.  PLEASE COME SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS!  They perform at 5:30pm.  Students will leave school at 2:30pm and will return to school at 7:15pm.  Students need to bring money for dinner at concessions at Hillwood.

Coming Soon!
Registration for next year
Spring Concert Logistics
New Uniforms!
Booster Meetings
Appointment of the 2016-2017 Band Booster Board

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Wind Ensemble @ Belmont Invitational (Itinerary)

On Monday, February 22nd, our Wind Ensemble will travel to Belmont University to receive a clinic and give a special guest performance as a part of their annual Belmont Wind Ensemble Invitational.  Wind Ensemble students will leave school at 7:30am and will return by 2:30pm.  A full itinerary is available HERE

If you're available, feel free to come hear their performance in the GORGEOUS McAfee Concert Hall (2100 Belmont Blvd) at 11am.

Music City Invitational

Saturday, October 24th, we will attend the Music City Invitational (MCI) hosted by McGavock High School. (Map) (Itinerary)

Our band performs in preliminaries at 1:20 p.m. Spectator admission is $10 for prelims and $12 for finals. A combo ticket for both can be purchased for $20. The time for our finals performance will be posted on the private Antioch High School Band Facebook page.

Traveler's Rest Invitational - Updated

Saturday, October 3rd, we will attend the Traveler's Rest Invitational (TRI) hosted by John Overton High School. (Map) (Itinerary)

Our band performs in preliminaries at 4:15 p.m. (rain delay caused the time to move). There is free parking at the church by the school. Allow extra time for the walk to the stadium.  Spectator admission is $15 for prelims and finals. The time for our finals performance will be posted on the private Antioch High School Band Facebook page.

Awesome First Contest!

What an awesome weekend! An award for "High Music" in their class, 2nd Place in their class, an earned spot in finals, and 5th place overall out of 15 bands...none of which is the most important.

Our students carried themselves with dignity, pride and professionalism while working and focusing extremely hard to make sure that their performances got better with each run. I'm so proud to be a part of this program with the amazing students that we have. Thank you, band, forbeing such great people and for making this job so enjoyable. I'm honored to stand with you in rehearsal and love being your biggest fan in performances.

Many thanks to all of the parents that volunteered their time to support these awesome students. We had so many parents in the stands to support the band! If you weren't there, you missed out! It was so great to see our "parent section" in the stands cheering the band on. Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

It takes a TON of people to make this program run successfully. I am so lucky to be able to work with each and every one of you, parents, staff and students, as we work to build this band program into the program we all know it can be.

Thank you all so much for your support.


Union City Invitational

As mentioned in two previous e-mails and various Facebook posts, we will no longer be attending the Hendersonville contest that was detailed on your calendars.  Instead, on the same date, September 19th, we will be traveling to West Tennessee to participate in a contest at Union City High School.  There are many reasons for this change.  The judging panel in Union City will be much more experienced than we would have seen in Hendersonville.  Each judge is either a DCI or BOA judge. (For those parents not familiar with either of those organizations, that means they are super legit!)  There will be many more bands at the Union City show, which will give our students more exposure to different bands, but will also provide a more level playing field when it comes to scoring.  Based on the line up of bands, we have a chance of doing very well at this contest.  Lastly, taking this trip across the state provides these students with a unique experience that most of them have never experienced that they will remember forever!

Union City High School is approximately 3 hours from Antioch High School.  Because of this distance, and because there is a good chance we will be selected to participate in the “finals” performance that happens in the evening, we have chosen to NOT return to AHS that night, but to stay overnight at a hotel in Union City.  The students will report to AHS at 6am on Saturday, September 19th and will be bussed from AHS to UCHS.  The students will participate in the contest throughout the day and into the evening and will then be bussed to the hotel.  Students will wake up on Sunday, September 20th, have breakfast in the hotel and will then be bussed back to AHS with an approximate arrival time being 12:30pm

Students will be lodged in the hotel in groups of 4 by gender.  They will be filling out rooming requests in class tomorrow.  While in the hotel, students will be under the supervision of 6 members of the marching band staff, along with 8 parent “chaperones” all who have extensive experience working with students.

There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this trip.  Funds to pay for bussing and hotels were all acquired by significant fundraising efforts over the summer.  Students will NOT have to pay for their hotel rooms.  Students will be expected to bring $6 to pay for their dinner, which is a spaghetti dinner being provided by the Union City Band Boosters.  Events like this can only take place when parents and students stay current and up to date on their “fair share” payments.  Please make sure you are doing so!

While the “overnight” trip is an added piece to the calendar, the contest date of September 19th is not.  This date was to be blocked off when the calendar was distributed at the end of last school year.  ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS will be expected to be in attendance at this contest.  If certain circumstances require your student to return home on Saturday evening, or any time before our scheduled arrival back at AHS on Sunday, you must arrange your own method of transportation for your student.  If that is the case, you will be taking your student home from Union City on Saturday night, and they will not be staying with us at the hotel, I need to know that information AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

As with every contest, we encourage ALL parents to attend!  The students perform better when they have an army of support in the stands cheering them on!  There are a few hotels in the area that are available for parents in the event that you decide to stay in Union City with us.  

The students and staff will be housed at the following hotel:

Quality Inn by Choice Hotels

2201 Reelfoot Avenue, Union City, TN 38261

(731) 885-8850


Other hotels within 15 minutes of Union City High School:

Hospitality House

221 W Reelfoot Ave, Union City, TN 38261

(731) 885-6610


Country Hearth Inn and Suites

2009 West Reelfoot Avenue, Union City, TN 38261

(731) 885-7774


Hampton Inn Martin

5575 Skyhawk Pkwy, Martin, TN 38237

(731) 587-5800


Econo Lodge Martin

853 University St, Martin, TN 38237

(731) 587-4241


Please stay tuned as there will be a much more detailed itinerary coming out within the next week or so.  Some parents may be nervous about sending their child on an overnight extravaganza with their friends, but I assure you, the staff in place has the experience to execute the logistics of this trip with ease.  I spent three summers traveling with groups of more than 200 across Europe.  Taking 110 of the best high school students around to West Tennessee will be very manageable!  The students are VERY excited about this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled to be able to help provide a wonderful educational experience for them while allowing them to have a blast with some of their closest friends!

As usual, please do not hesitate to e-mail me, Mr. Janowiak, with ANY questions you might have!

Friends and Family Preview

Invited are all friends, family and teachers to this awesome community event!

The band will take the field at 7:30pm to give you a preview of their 2015 production, "Mine to Possess". In addition to seeing everything that the band has accomplished thus far this season, audience members will get an opportunity to meet the band staff and boosters, get an inside look at the show concept, and get an opportunity to mix and mingle with other band parents, families, and friends. A pasta dinner will be provided by our awesome band boosters for everyone in attendance at 7pm! Donations will be accepted to cover the cost of that meal.

Spread the word! Let's make this the place to be in Antioch on Thursday evening!