Music City Drum and Bugle Corps

The Music City Drum and Bugle Corps will be doing their move-ins at Antioch and will be in residence from June 6th - July 1st. This means that they will be doing ALL of their rehearsals in preparation for the upcoming DCI season at Antioch! They will be fully moving in and the Corps will be sleeping in the gym. You are welcome to drop by and observe any of their rehearsals while they are here!

Our first rehearsal for next year is on THURSDAY, JUNE 25th from 5:30-9pm. Music City will be in residence that day and will be assisting us with sectionals. We will spend the first chunk of time in sectionals, and then rehearse music all together. 

PLEASE be prepared for that first rehearsal! Practice / learn / memorize your music! If you lost your copy of the music, it is available on the website under Resources, Members Only.