Thank you to all the bands that performed at LAX 5.0.  Your talents and dedication are exemplary.  We truly appreciate all the participants, directors, staff, parents and spectators that hung in there despite the heavy rain. We hope you will consider returning next year and we will try to order better weather.

A note on scores:

When the rain began to pour and the contest was delayed nearly an hour, a decision regarding how the contest would proceed was made between the contest director, Antioch High School band directors, and participating directors.  One option was to continue as planned and perform on a field with less than desirable conditions.  Another was to call the contest off and send everyone home.  The last option, and the one that was decided on, was to finish the contest with a standstill on the track.  It was also decided between the participating directors, that the stand-still groups would perform for "comments only" and would not be scored in any way.  These decisions are reflected in what is posted here with regards to results for LAX 5.0.


Class X
Hillwood High School -  1st Place
East Nashville Magnet High School - 2nd Place
East Hickman High School - 3rd Place

Class XX
Independence High School - 1st Place 
Smyrna High School - 2nd Place
Hillsboro High School - 3rd Place